Turned on by His word


Hiiii folks,

I imagine that you are having a FAB day today. Know that I have you in my prayers, always.

Soooo I just started studying the book of Ephesians, and my oh my, can I just say that each sentence is loaded with pure goodness! Such uplifting words, that once again remind me of just how important and special I am to God. I mean, He sent His only son, His first fruit, for me, so that I may boldly say that I am a member of His household. ‘erm that is MAJOR! As I write this, I am bursting out of my seams with joy!

What started me on a journey through the chapters of this particular book in the Bible is a reference to Ephesians 2:10 made by my friend, at our last SOF (sisters of Faith) meeting. It says that I am His handiwork, His masterpiece. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that He is my standard. Comparing myself to another human being, irrespective of how accomplished, is limiting. It is me shortchanging myself! He is greater, therefore I am greater. I only have to let my mind free, embrace my greatness, and walk hand in hand with Him on the path He has laid out for me. Ahhhhhhhh now that is something to shout about. This takes me back to a portion in the Bible which says He made me in His image and likeness. I am the expression of His love. What joy it is to know that I am born of love! Hehehe that tickles my spirit, and I find myself shouting HALLELUYAH over and over again.

Paul definitely wrote the book of Ephesians to open up the eyes of our hearts to more exalted sights. Isn’t it interesting that he wrote this book – with such uplifting words – while in prison? This is the beauty of christianity, knowing that life is less about what the physical eyes can see (temporal) and more about what your heart can see/ comprehend (eternity). Let no one ever tell you that you are less than. That is impossible! Greater is He that is in you….never forget that!

I’m sure I will have more to say about the book of Ephesians. It contains words of FIRE. Burn ya’ll, let the world see you Shine, shine, SHINE!

xoxo 🙂


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