God the businessman


God is the greatest and wisest businessman. In His infinite wisdom, He spoke you into being, breathing life into you. You are His creation, His number one business. He invested in you when He gave His first fruit – Jesus Christ – to die on the cross for you. This investment cannot be quantified, love cannot be broken down to numbers or science.

You may ask, what is the return on investment for God? Romans 8:19 says, the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. His ROI is you being a fruitful branch in the vine – body of Christ, which translates to you being the light of the world. In you and I lies greatness, and once realized and manifested, we bring glory to His name. Unfortunately, there are too many Christians that are yet to scratch the surface of the greatness within them (myself included). To be fruitful in the kingdom of God, you need the word seed. His word deeply rooted in your heart, and consistently watered by your word declarations births life. His word is life. To grow in God, you must be ready to be pruned, which means dying to self and resurrecting with new -divine- life. Do not fooled, this process is painful, but oh so rewarding. What I mean is, being disciplined in God requires fasting behaviours, attitudes and conditions, and cutting out unecessities, which sometimes includes people that add nothing of value to your life. The reward, is seeing God move in your life. It is that feeling of lightness, no heaviness, no baggage. Please please please, should you fall off or back slide, do NOT make the mistake of condemning yourself – that is of the devil. Know that it is not by power, nor by might but by His spirit. Let Him Shepard you, let Him crown your efforts, let Him perfect you.

The beginning of greatness is knowing who you are in God. This knowledge shines a spot light on your abilities/talents, which when understood and utilized lead to realizing your divine purpose. I truly believe that everyone wants to live a purposeful fulfilled life. It is a matter of taking the olive branch God is stretching out to you, finding yourself in His word and tuning your spirit to His. He wants to make you profitable!

Have a blessed day.



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