Heaven’s Spotlight


You are centre stage, and the adrenaline is high, so much so that the little hairs on your back and arms stand in response to your present euphoric state. You can sense the anticipation, you can feel the admiration and at the resounding applause, you know that it is your time to shine. In that moment, you think, Finally!

These people do not know the disappointments, heartbreak, loneliness, emptiness, and pain you have had to endure. It was no fun being in the shadows, having to walk around in ill-fitting shoes, living a life based on the expectations of others. It felt okay at times, but your gifts and dreams were being stifled, and you were suffocating in unfulfilment. You searched high and low, in the corners, valleys, hills, mountains; pretty much anywhere, for an opportunity to showcase you and all that you have to offer. Opportunity knocks, and you grasp at the hems of liberation. Like one who has been under water for too long, you surge out for air, and as a plus, you accept the warmth and brilliance of the morning sun. However, somewhere along the way, you lost sight of what was important. You had been blind-sided for so long, you were just fine being outside of the shadow, it didn’t matter the quality of light, dim or bright. Your search became a frenzied fight to win a popularity contest, and in the process, your purpose dived into obscurity.

All that glitters is not gold. This is a saying known by many. My mom practically drummed this into my ears as a kid, and I carried it on into adulthood. Its funny though that I only just recently fully understood this phrase in all its entirety. Some desires are practical, some are valuable, and some are necessary, all depending on your situation at the time. As an adult looking back, there are things that seemed essential, they appealed to my senses, I could almost hear them calling my name…actually, they did. That’s how much I desired them. Years have gone by, I got to have some of those things, and for the most part they brought distress and/or heartache. They were all so shiny and bright, they begged for my attention, beckoning me to lay hold on them. Soon, I realized that the shiny outside didn’t transcend any deeper. The excitement started and ended at the shiny and bright surface.

Words are gold. They can be a staircase to your destiny, building you up every step that you take, or they could be fire in a hay stack, burning your gifts and dreams to ashes. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to filter the words coming at you daily, and mute the background noise. But how do you do that without a solid foundation? Seeing as our senses are constantly being assaulted by all things sensational, if care is not taken, it is easy to get buried in the maze, and round and round we go in circles. You are constantly out of breathe, yet you make no progress. This is what happens when you try to figure out life on your own. Life is like an egg, it’ll either crack or shatter if tossed around like a ball. Putting your life (destiny) in the hands of man is an unwise decision, because the same individual (s) that positioned the ladder for your ascent is the same individual (s) that will kick the ladder from under your feet when you are no longer ‘trending’; and they won’t even have the decency to give you a soft landing spot. Your crash becomes the new lifetime soap, and your downfall becomes meat for the sharks.

Close your eyes for a second (or two), and imagine that you are centre stage. The silence is deafening, as everyone waits in anticipation for your next move. In that moment, you remember the highs and the lows, the unexpected twists and turns, the betrayals, and the pain, the loneliness and the emptiness. There is something brewing within, and like wind that causes ocean waves, you are now ready to make an impact, leaving your foot prints every step of the way. Now, you are in control, and walking on water no longer seems impossible.

You are no longer hopelessly confused, and you no longer feed on fickle and lustful pleasures. You are focused, and your mind is set on the horizon that now serves as your backdrop, causing you to glow anew. There are some waiting for you to fail, but you are not perturbed, because you see failures as springboards, and you know that even your mistakes work out for good. They can’t understand your new resolve, and they wonder what changed. They do not know the times you spent burning the midnight oil, soaking in God’s word. They do not understand that your feet are now deeply rooted in Christ and that you are no longer easily swayed by the winds of life. You now know whose you are, and you no longer tell yourself lies, talking and thinking defeat. Now, your words are encased in love, love for self. Being centre stage is no longer a selfish desire, it has matured into a burning desire to be a pleasing aroma to those in your sphere, giving words of encouragement and a helping hand when needed. Your light shines to bring to bare the gifts of others. You are like refreshing dew, causing others to blossom.

In this movie called life, God is your director, you are His lead act, and the world is your oyster (stage). There were many vying for your role, but He chose you. He is your number one fan; your triumphs cause Him to smile, and the angels to clap their hands in admiration. Your failures and mistakes cause Him to re-write the script, with the final scene untouched. He directs you to your expected end (Ref: Jeremiah 29:11).

At the end of the final scene, when THE director yells “cut”, you bow out with a smile knowing you have lived life on purpose.

Heaven’s spotlight is on you, are you ready to play your role?

Xoxo 🙂


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