Sarah’s Womb


When I think of Sarah’s womb, what comes to mind is the Sahara Desert. A vast mass of land destitute of life, vigour and activity. She experiences extreme weather conditions as it is either scorching hot or below freezing point. She is definitely not fertile ground for any form of breeding or growth. Barren and dead, she exists in the absence of promise.

Sarah’s womb represents a place of emptiness. A place of impossibility, were hope is regarded as foolish longing. Sarah, by all accounts was a very beautiful woman, so much so that Abraham had to lie twice, saying that she was his sister. He knew that Pharaoh and King Abimelech were both capable of killing him for the good pleasure of having her as a wife (ref. Gen.12:11-13 & 20:2). All I can say is she must have been all sorts of hotness!!! I also imagine that she accessorized her beauty with style and grace. Her husband was a very wealthy man, so it makes sense that she was adorned with the finest of everything, from jewellery to clothes. However, for someone who seemed to have it all, she must have felt insecure not being able to give her husband a child, an heir. The very essence of a woman is procreation. Her body is an intricately designed work of art, built to inhabit a seed (s) and intelligent enough to push out (birth) at the appointed time. Boy! The things a woman’s body goes through…whew*. As at 89 years old, Sarah had not conceived, and to the natural mind, her body was definitely too fragile to push out anything! Even Sarah laughed when God gave His word, (ref. Genesis 18:12). Her natural mind could not comprehend such an extravagant promise.

Impatient Sarah presented Abraham with a sweet proposal, one that was probably difficult to say no to. She asked Abraham to sleep with her maid, Hagar. As I write this, I find myself desiring a lengthy trip through Sarah’s mind, so that I could better understand her thoughts and feelings at that time. Maybe she thought she was doing Abraham a harmless favour. Maybe it was a desperate attempt to please her husband, while still being the general overseer by controlling who he slept with. Maybe she was trying to help God push along His plan (promise), through someone that was fertile. I guess all the maybes is water under the bridge, because soon after Abraham had ‘fun times’ with Hagar, she became pregnant and gave birth to Ishmael. In making a hasty decision, it seems Sarah did not stop to think about the consequences, and Hagar being banished from the house was indicative of her state of mind, I presume a volatile mixture of contempt and jealousy.

In Sarah’s womb, there is no hope, no expectation, no future. Sarah’s womb is pregnant with bitterness, shame, helplessness, pain, anger, frustration and tears. But, when Sarah was just about ready to bury her womb, God shows up! I need you to understand that God is bigger than logic, and He cannot be defined by human reasoning. He is all-powerful, and does not need human ingenuity to fulfill His promise. He spoke the heavens and the earth into being, He brought light out of darkness, He separated the sky from the ocean, He created an invisible boundary between land and sea. The Bible accounts in Gen. 1:2-3, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”. Out of chaos and emptiness, out of deep darkness and nothingness, God brought forth the heavens and earth. Sarah’s womb was no different. His spoken promise was life to her womb, and she birth Isaac at the ripe old age of 90. She practically birth a nation, Israel – God’s first born! What a miracle!

When dealing with God and His word, two things are important, patience and consistency. Perception is key, through what lens do you view life? If you spend all your time dwelling on everything that is wrong, they will only get bigger. If you consider/focus-meditate on the great and mighty God, He gets bigger and everything else gets smaller, and soon becomes insignificant. Faith is the principle thing. When you know that your Father is a God of impossibilities, don’t bow over in doubt when He discloses to you His plans for you. Learn from Sarah’s mistakes, do not laugh at the audacity of God’s promise to you, and do not make haste – prematurely aborting/prolonging the manifestation of God’s plan with impatience and grumbling.

You may currently be dealing with a ‘Sarah’s womb’ situation. It could be your family life, marital life, spiritual life, career, finances, relationships, health et al. Maybe you are loosing the fight in you and you can feel weariness cascading down your face, helplessness tightening her grip around your waist and fear standing triumphantly on your shoulders. Sometimes, it takes getting to that low point, being barren and empty of your own will, for your faith to be big. Even though God should have been your first contact, you looked elsewhere for answers, and you were left feeling more confused, with no results. But the wonderful thing about the God that I serve, the One I call Daddy, is that He is merciful and He never turns His back on His children. Furthermore, He specializes in impossible situations and delights in creating something glorious out of nothing. Remember that when the contractions get faster and more painful, birth is near. During contractions, the devil will stop at nothing to keep you in a state of despondency. He needs you sad, downtrodden and distracted because he knows you cannot birth a promise in that state.

When there is an unusual form of prolonged barrenness, there is always an unusual form of blessing attached to it. Whether it is a week you spend waiting expectantly or 5 years or more, know that He will use your situation to bring glory to His name. It will literally be a matter of it is not by power, nor by might but by His spirit. Do not let the devil sabotage you and your walk with God. He can only go as far as you let him. Put on the whole armour of God, perk up, gear up, and open up because you are about to birth Isaac, your promise…greatness.

xoxo 🙂


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  1. Wow!! Such blessed words. I’m very encouraged. Thanks for making it known, that Paitence is key to God’s answers, as our chronological time is not as His. God bless you real good for impacting me. GLORY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michelle! I have always know there was something about you that magnetized me…God strengthen you darl…this came at the time for me!

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