The High Of Newness


A new/brilliant idea, a new job, a new love, a new house, a new purchase, a new baby…anything new causes a high, until it becomes ‘old’, and the joy you once derived from it wears off. The new year for most has started on a high note, and resolutions and goals have been made while on this high. The question is, what is the life span of your high? Life has so much to offer when we do not allow the pressures of life suck the life (passion, vibrancy, strength) out of us. But truth be told, most things about life can be pretty routine, mundane and some would say dry. Anybody’s life no matter how grande has the potential to become routine and dull. Its a matter of perspective, and that is were inspiration and passion come into play.

Sometimes, it is IMPERATIVE to step outside of your comfort zone. Live in excitement by first being conscious (aware) of yourself. Learn about you, your gifts, talents et al. If you cannot sing, dance. If you cannot dance, tap your feet. If you cannot draw, paint. If you cannot paint, write. If you cannot write, talk. If you cannot clean, cook. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot swim, sit in the hot tub. My point is there is always opportunity for gratification & growth. Learn something new about anything you so desire! Be productive, outside of your 9-5. Live a life of service…live OUTSIDE of yourself… meet a need or two or more! Live a life poured out!

In this new year, there will be days you will not want to get out of bed, from tiredness, frustrations, heartache or failures. In those moments, tell your heart to beat again. Tell your heart to laugh again. Tell your heart to love again. Tell your heart to live again. Do not look to external sources to fulfil you, stir it up from within. Your sufficiency is the Christ in you (Colossians 1:27). It’s only the 3rd day of 2013, and I have already had to speak to my heart a few times. I have already had talks with myself, to remind myself that everything that I do is to honour God, not man. Else, I will be permanently upset and frustrated.

My prayer for you in this new year is that you abide in love, joy and happiness. That you will live a life of purpose, leaving your footprint and having an impact. That you will have many reasons to laugh and be thankful. That you will enjoy the company of your family and friends. That the fruits of God’s spirit is manifested in your life and that you find favour with God and man. This year is a blessed year for you, even as you remain disciplined and consistent in achieving your goals and diligently seeking God.

Happy new year 😘☺💃😎



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