The perfect start to my day is…what’s yours?


I recently started a 15 day devotional with Darlene Zschech called Revealing Jesus, and Day 4 is titled First thing in the morning, and boy did it speak to me….here is what it says:

Does an athlete wake up a few minutes before an important competition, throw on a uniform, bounce into the parking lot moments before the meet or match is to begin, and then secure a victory? Well, not the successful ones, I’m sure. Watching swimmers and runners and other great athletes in the Olympics, I was reminded of their commitment to training, to constant preparation.

How about our spiritual lives? Do we share this same commitment to preparation? What comes first each day? Morning. When must our preparation to face the daily challenges and battles of life begin? Morning.

Even at the moment, in one of the busiest and somewhat challenging seasons of my own life, I’m so aware of His grace being sufficient for every day. The only time I find myself overwhelmed is when I have gone into the day without “looking up.” To continually be aware of God’s favor and presence in your every moment is one of the greatest treasures you’ll ever discover. That discovery happens when you “look up” in the morning and throughout the day, your attitude and expectations attuned to hearing God’s voice because that’s how you started your day.

Prepare for life first thing in the morning. Open your eyes, take a breath, and then thank God for it. With outstretched arms, ask God for wisdom, direction, and courage, that your life would be one of blessing, living as you were designed. I would love to think that the Enemy gets nervous when he knows I am waking up!

In the morning I will look up to you for guidance and strength, to express my love and gratitude to you, my Lord.

I had this bad habit of starting off my day by looking at my phone, blogs, Facebook and the news…and then God came after, but only if I remembered to include Him. I was not exactly conscious about what I was doing, I just did it because that’s what I was used to doing. First of all, I must have really thought I was sooooo important to expect to see a slew of text messages, bbms, emails et al., when I woke up 😒. How very, whats the word to use here, conceited? self centred? (Feel free to plug in…). Secondly, why would anyone in their right mind want to start of the day watching the news….there’s hardly ever any good news, it’s mostly grisly, unhappy, sad news that ends up leaving a bad taste in my mouth and a heaviness in my heart. So I inevitably carry that heaviness with me for the better part of the day, and I am ill equipped to deal with the challenges of the day because my mind is shrouded in fear, sadness, unease and worry. What a bad start to my day! These blogs that I used to be so eager to read, they didn’t add a dime to my bank account or value to my life…only that I was up to date on the latest gossip about some celebrity or person. I spent so much time creeping….yes creeping on these folks, that I had little time to take stock of my own life. I allowed myself become a trash can (sounds so harsh….sigh) for unworthy, rubbish, unnecessary information. Ah! I even started to feel bad about myself at points, wondering why I couldn’t be as pretty, or have expensive clothes like them, or a booty like this one or hair like that one…time I could have used building my own empire, or even just sleeping an extra 30mins-hr! 😣 Facebook! Oh my dayz Facebook! How many pictures could I possibly look at in the first hour of my day?

Anyways one fine morning, I decided to start my day with God, and *drumroll pleaseeeeee* I NEVER looked back. The few minutes (which grew into 30 minutes, then an hour and is still growing) I spent with Him put me in a state of peace, assuredness, preparedness and expectancy. I was dressed with His presence, conscious of His grace and sensitive to His voice. My day was so much more productive and enjoyable, and at night when I laid my head on my pillow, I drifted into sleep fulfilled. I have made this a habit, and it has served me well.

“I would love to think that the Enemy (devil and his cohorts) gets nervous when he knows I am waking up!” Darlene got me so excited with this sentence. Oh yes yes yes Darlene, ME TOO!

My phone (also known as crapberry….such a naughty phone….a breakup is imminent), facebook, the news, and now Instagram 😱….they’ll just have to wait until after I have sat at my Father’s feet, whenever I so choose to pay them mind.

Have a lovely day y’all and enjoy the sun!!!!!


Ps: you can find this 15 day devotional in the YouVersion Holy Bible….and to learn more about the 365 day devotional go to 😘


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