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God broke the silence…

God broke the silence…

…By speaking in the only way we could truly understand

*********This morning, I spent some time studying the book of John with the intention to complete of completing at least 2 chapters. But alas! I only made it to verse 34 of the 1st chapter. I must say, what a wealth of rhema (revelation)! Each verse is deserving of a spot light, so I felt justified in breathing in the unique fragrance of each verse as I slowly weaved myself into its rhythm. Even so, I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of all that these verses have to offer. The first few verses had my head in knots, referring to the word as ‘Him’; giving the word a personality and even characterizing the word as ‘light’ and ‘life’. In 5 verses, it seemed I journeyed from the past (beginning) to eternal, with words of prophecy removing the veil from what is still a mystery to some.

Any relationship starts with a first step, the initial contact. Subsequently, it really does take 2 to tango. The maintenance is dependent on ongoing communication and a pre-requisite is spending time together. This is how you learn about the person, and become familiar with their mannerisms, quirks et al. Familiarity breeds connection, and when you are connected to a person, you are more inclined to want to understand him/her. Every new nugget of knowledge about the person is a building block. God understood this and He desired a connection with His creation – the people on the earth. He wanted us to be able to relate to Him. In His infinite wisdom, and in a bid to break the silence, He spoke and “the word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” John 1:14.


God wants a relationship with us, but is not in the slightest bit interested in playing hide and seek or peek-a-boo. He wants us to see and enjoy the fullness of Him, but He will only reveal Himself to the extent we allow Him to. For One who is so mighty, loving and merciful, He is not forceful. He created us as free willing agents, and has given us a choice…life or death. He has done His part, coming down to our level, in the form of man. He taught us who we are and showed us how to live. He expressed His love for all, showing that He deals with anyone that will reach out to Him. He fulfilled His purpose, and carrying the weight (sins) of the world, was humiliated, crucified, and buried. His resurrection was a grand show of victory and a reminder to His children that we are over-comers. How we respond to this is our decision. The rest is up to us.

Many must have labeled John insane and when I think of it, I may have been one of them. In a period when folks were confined to the allowances of the laws of Moses, he talked about liberty in the grace of the One who is to come. He dared to be different, and had no qualms facing persecution. I’m certain that as I read further, I will have more to say about this man called John.

But lest I digress..

Verses 10-11 made my heart ache…And to think that how I felt is probably a drop of water in an ocean to how Jesus must have felt…WoW! Can you imagine your own child not recognizing you, better yet, rejecting and disowning you? After 9 months of pregnancy, having morning sickness and throwing up, getting fat and feeling heavy, having swollen feet and being out of breathe, going into labour, sweating profusely, screaming in pain…child comes out and down the line rejects me? Even thinking about the possibility of being disrespected by ‘child’ makes my blood boil. I am a working progress, so help me God! Hmmmm, I doubt that anyone would willingly offer themselves up to walk a mile in Jesus’ gladiator sandals.

The entrance of His word gives light, and where there is light, darkness cannot prevail. The word in flesh overcame death, His word is life. Jesus (the word) is God’s first fruit, His best. The word is God’s pulsating heart.

I finally get it….

Jesus is the sum of all God wants to say.

Question: when was the last time you hung out with a friend? When was the last time you hung out with God?

xoxo 🙂